AcaciaZuri is a brand inspired by nature and the beautiful world that we live in.

We strive to do our bit to be as eco-friendly as possible, and tread gently on the earth. Our silks are eco friendly, and produced with GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard.) This means that all the way from the beginning part of the manufacturing (the harvesting of the raw materials), through to the labelling at the end, the process is certified to be environmentally and socially responsible. 


Carmine bee-eater
Silk is a very fragile and precious material that needs to be treasured and looked after properly. We encourage our customers to always be gentle with their AcaciaZuri silks and be aware of how best to take care of them. The AcaciaZuri products are made to last. We value quality over quantity and we hope that our silks will be passed down for generations. This in turn will contribute to our mission of sustainable fashion and consumer awareness.  


In addition to this, our luxury packaging is sustainably sourced. We use suppliers who offer eco friendly and recyclable packaging. Our custom branded ribbon is made using waste clear PET plastic recycled bottles. Our luxury boxes are also made from mainly recycled materials, and are recyclable. 



We are hoping to broaden our horizons even further as we grow. With your support in our brand and mission, we hope to educate ourselves further in how we can care for the environment, and continue to be conscious of it wherever we go.