About AcaciaZuri

My name ‘Acacia’ stems from the thorny tree which grows so abundantly in Africa, a source of shade and nutrition for wildlife even where the conditions are bare and difficult. Zuri means ‘beautiful’ in Swahili, but the word has greater depth when you realise that it also means ‘good’.

I was motivated to create this company by the urge to bring much that is extraordinary about the wild parts of Africa to the world, and to also create a source of empowerment for the country where I grew up, Zambia.

AcaciaZuri is a luxury brand, but it is one that believes in being good as well as beautiful.

With this in mind, some of the proceeds from every collection will go to a vital project within Zambia. This — my first — collection, supports the Conservation South Luangwa, and the protection of the wild animals represented in my work. In addition, my packaging is made from recycled materials, my silk products are almost entirely produced on organic GOTS certified silks, and each design is made to last.